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It was 2002, money was tight and dreams were high as we set out to become your preferred choice for Walla Walla and Kennewick WA painting contractors. It had been a year since Matt started out on his own, and the business had grown quickly. What began as a painting business, then expanding into drywall, ultimately ballooned into a multi-employee operation. It became obvious that doing payroll in the cab of his pickup and handwriting checks wasn’t the right way to grow the fledgling company.

With shoe boxes full of receipts, Matt approached his sister, Annie, for help. Together they opened the shoe boxes and embarked on a journey together that would become M-H Painting and, finally 4 Seasons Color, Inc.

It turns out Matt and Annie are a dynamic team of Walla Walla and Kennewick WA painting contractors. Matt’s passion for excellence and the craft of painting combined with Annie’s strength in management and service meant developing a reputation for not only high quality but meeting deadlines in an industry notorious for delays and missed promises.

Matt Hardin

Matt Hardin

Annie Newton

Annie Newton


By 2007 business was booming, and the phones were ringing off the hook. Matt’s preference for a fast-paced schedule and Annie’s background in robotics and system efficiencies were a perfect match.

In 2008, M-H Painting incorporated and became 4 Seasons Color, Inc., and Matt and Annie were looking for more growth opportunities.

The abundance of beautiful older homes in Walla Walla provided the challenge they were looking for. The company then added restoring historic buildings to their established new-construction services which branded them as the go to choice for Walla Walla and Kennewick WA painting contractors.

4 Seasons Color, Inc. has painted a number of local landmarks, including the Dayton Historic Depot, the Old Walla Walla Depot, the Ritz Mansion, along with many other historic homes and churches.

Along with their continued business development, in 2008 4 Seasons Color, Inc. was awarded a National Bronze Award for “The Best Painted Residential Interior,” by the PDCA for their work on Cameo Heights Mansion.

Thanks to the work ethic Matt and Annie developed as children in a family of 10 kids, they are now the largest painting contractor in Walla Walla and still growing. In 2012, 4 Seasons Color, Inc. purchased another painting company in Pasco, Washington which expanded their high-quality services to the Tri-Cities area.

Now, with the business still actively growing, Matt and Annie are instilling their core values into the business.  At 4 Seasons Color, Inc.  Matt and Annie are passionate about taking care of their team members, and in many ways, their team feels as though they are an extension of that large family.

They believe the most valuable assets that make the business work are the people.Matt and Annie find delight in creating career opportunities for families in the Walla Walla and Columbia Valley.

That passion for people expands beyond business as well, with the brother and sister partnership actively serving their community. Annie currently serves as an educator for the National PDCA, and Matt is a member of Rotary and serves as the President of the Home Builders Association and together they thank you for your trust and preference when choosing Walla Walla and Kennewick WA painting contractors.




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